James Buyayo, Designer

James Buyayo, Designer

Exploring the intersection of people & technology.


A visitor takes a selfie
at Banksy's Dismaland


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I'm a designer who asks questions.


One school of thought says that design is an exercise in problem-solving. As a designer, I've found that in order to 'solve the problem'—to come up with an answer—you have to start by asking a lot of questions. Questions lead to insights, new possibilities, different perspectives; and ultimately a way to see the world beyond a problem. By asking questions you come to understand the current reality, find inspiration for how it could change, and what it takes to move that reality closer to the vision that you are striving to make real. 



I'm a designer who likes to be outside.


Design doesn't happen in a vacuum, it's an exploration of context. I've lived in California since I was a year old when my family moved from the Philippines to San Diego. I went to school in Los Angeles, and have been living in San Francisco for the past 7 years. California, with its great diversity in landscapes and people, is a dynamic place to draw inspiration from and work as a designer.